Sunday, February 20, 2011

Drawing animals from life is the best way to understand an animal.

Drawing animals from life is the best way to truely understand an animal.
Being infront of a live animal will reveal form and  and working anatomy of the animal. Working this way will show you things you cannot see from a photograph.
 From various places around Australia, I draw to capture the essence of  the animal. 
Before I start any wildlife painting I always ensure I  have a correct understanding of the environment the animal lives in and it's characteristics/ attitude and correct anatomy before I start.

When drawing animals you have to be quick , capturing the action pose in quick loose sketches in simplified shapes or gestural drawing to show an understanding of anatomy, rhythm and pose of the animal.
You must be able to see the pose in your mind and transfer it onto paper.
Curved lines that give movement to your drawing are known as rhythm. It is essential you show this in your drawing , so your drawing doesn't look too stiff.
The best animal drawings show attitude and character in them of the animal. It is not easily mastered but when your drawing shows this, it conveys  more interest , making the piece a more interesting, showing feeling and attitude in the drawing.
 Sometimes you have to wait hours to see a beautiful moment occur and quickly jot it down.

Art Tutoring in Sydney

Have you always wondered how to achieve excellent technique in drawing and painting?

Qualified tutor Cherie Vize provides tuition for primary and high school students and Adults throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. A private tutor can give a student the individual attention that is just not possible in a school setting. One-on-one tuition can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual and is therefore a powerful and efficient way to help a student reach their finest drawing potential.

Tuition is provided in Cherie’s studio in Dolans Bay, a 10 minute drive from Cronulla.
Teaching you in a range of mediums including Oils, Acrylics, Pen & Ink, Water color, Pastels, Graphite, Color pencil and other mediums.
Classes include Cartooning , Wildlife , Pet portraits, Landscape, Watercolor , Life Drawing, Pen & Ink, Botanical, Pastel , and Plein-air painting.
I focus for EXCELLENT results from my students each and every lesson.
I will teach you how to draw and paint from the basics up.
It doesn't matter If you don't have an artistic bone in your body. I will teach you the structure, of how to draw anatomically correct where you can apply it to every drawing or painting you start.
You will see the results in your painting. The difference between a structured painting to an unplanned painting.
What most artists don't realize, is drawing is the foundation to every artwork. I am a firm believer in this concept.
If you plan your painting out properly and keep your drawing simple and follow the guidelines
I tell you , you will get the results you desire.
Tuition is charged at a flat hourly rate with no hidden costs. I operate on a purely pay-as-you go basis, giving you the flexibility you need.

$20 per hour

Art Classes for Adults Monday at 12pm onwards
Art Classes for Adults Friday at 12 onwards
Art Classes for children Saturday 12pm onwards
Art Classes for Adults Sunday 12 pm onwards
Contact Cherie on : H:95251091

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