Sunday, September 26, 2010

Success is the burning desire to suceed , listen to this song and let it make you aware to open your eyes and see what is going on in the world and to the possibilities you as an indivual can achieve!

Young Scolla -  Decisions

The song is about the day to day struggles of the average person  and the decisions one makes.
 Example :- Even if you have a degree what’s my next step  after I graduate? Where does my next pay cheque come from? I listen to this to remind myself of how hard life is , how I appreciate my life and how easy I have it in comparison to other people in the world. 

We are  faced with many decisions in life that we have to overcome and tackle.
We all have our highs and lows. But the fact is , there are easier ways to handle the situation.
You the individual has to take the problem, whatever it may be in both hands and solve it .

 But the first thing is to STAY POSITIVE !
 Being obesessed with the end goal is your key to success .
You have to keep the feeling of  burning desire to succeed. It is the commitment to keep at it no matter what any persons and doubters say.
Fight for what you believe inn, don't let ANYONE  bring you down.
They are just a passing cloud , having their opionion , as our elders say " Sticks and stones can break my bones.. but words can never hurt me. "
Have the heart, determation, and the courage to do whatever it takes, and the level of obsession and commitment to make it happen at any cost.

The marketing systems, strategies, and tactics are all important towards your success! The marketing material you have is like a hammer, screwdriver, or pair of pliers. Having the tool alone in your tool chest will not build the house by itself!
But put that tool in the hands of a skilled carpenter who has the drive, determination, and burning desire to construct and build the best damn house on the block and he’s unstoppable.
 For me, this level of success has been my dominating obsession. It's my driving passion. It’s my “reason why.”

What about you? What's your passion?
What do you have a burning desire to achieve?
If you don't know what your burning desire is. If you can’t identify your passion, your big reason why then you’re never really going to achieve REAL success.
A general goal is not good enough. You've got to be specific – laser like focused – IF you want to be in the top 2% of your industry.
Otherwise you're just another business trying to makes ends meet.

Networking : - Choose your audience wisely , pick people to network with that will  guide you and educate you,  who will direct you on the right path to success .
Surround yourself with positive people , keep the rest as aquaintances.
These are all key elements to staying focused ! Furthur more achieving all the end goals you want to achieve.

Sites like facebook , twitter ,  a site to link you with other business's and all the blogging sites like word press all help advertise you ! Do yourself a favour and join them. It'll pay off , helping people easily find you and see what services you provide!

 Try it now take all what I have told you and apply it to your life, make it a lifestyle.
I can assure you all of this information will pay off and benifit you at the end of the day!
I have , and look at me now I'm unstoppable! :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'll keep you posted !
Mural painting with April Keogh , the very talented Muralist from Springwood with the youths 3- 4th of October !
I'm  really excited about this , working along such a brilliant artist!
Check out one of my designs for a Hairdressor salon !

 Buying the materials next week for t-shirts and I'm ready to produce some awesome t-shirts for you and the family to wear!
 If your interested , give me an email on : -


Art can be created by the most simple everyday items

It amazes me what an artist can do with all the mediums givin to him/ her.
 I went to the Ink fest yesterday in kingswood , and I watched an artist create a piece in a matter of seconds through spray paint!
 It was so intriguing seeing how easy it was to create an interesting piece.
Just by using your normal everyday items like rubbish bin lids, pens, magazine , he created these spaced out scenes.
Check his art out :
 "We at Spaced Out Art strongly disagree with all forms of illegal graffiti and believe there are multitudes of ways to create artwork legally."
 What keeps him going is his belief  to keep spray paint art alive. Keep it going guys!


Frog - Mixed media
 Comissioned work (SOLD)

Farm Series 3 - Acrylics on stretched canvas
Price: $180

Comissioned portrait (SOLD)

Trunks Collage - Comissioned Fan Art (SOLD)
Prints Available

Farm series 4 - Comissioned Artwork (SOLD)

"Behind these eyes" - Acrylics on stretched canvas (SOLD)

"Hiden Valley " - Acrylics on stretched canvas (SOLD)

"Max"- Pet Portait - (SOLD) 

Farm series 2 - Acrylics on stretched canvas
Price : $220

"Two hearts beat as one " - Acrylics on stretched canvas (SOLD)

Farm series 1 - Acrylics on stretched canvas (SOLD)

"Family Ties " - Acrylics on stretched canvas (SOLD)

Farm series 5 -  Acrylics on stretched canvas
Price : $170

Wildlife , Pet portraits , Landscapes , Fan Art ,Tattoo designs, Pastels and oils. Commissions Taken.
 Contact :
                                                                        Cherie Vize
                                                                    Sydney , Australia

Applying for my bachelor in fine arts at the National Art School !

I went to the open day at the National Art School.
The day was filled with young artists, eager to apply for uni to learn the methods of the old masters to then interprete in their own unique style .

Three guest speakers were renouned artists Eileen Adams ,UK Artist Margret White , UK Artist Colin Leeds and the Professor Anita Taylor the Director of the National Art School.
Anita Taylor  gave a talk on welcoming the new incoming students, whilst the other artists talked about the "THE BIG DRAW AUSTRALIA 2010 LAUNCH " which emphasised the importance of drawing ,as Eileen Adam says It doesn't matter if you don't have an artistic bone in your body, it's all about giving it a crack and whipping out the old lead pencil.

UK Artist Colin Leeds giving his talk."THE BIG DRAW AUSTRALIA 2010 LAUNCH."

Margret White giving her talk on "THE BIG DRAW AUSTRALIA 2010 LAUNCH ."

Eileen Adams giving her talk on "THE BIG DRAW AUSTRALIA 2010 LAUNCH."

Those around were hanging on every word preached. The talk was ever so inspiring! I felt like going home and drawing up a storm ! lol
 I was just so happy to have the opportunity to hear them speak and share their views on art.
It really made me think about my art and how drawing has such a huge effect on the outcome of every painting. I'm going to draw more! I do alot now but I've been  focusing on experiementing with different mediums. Going to fill my sketch book up with wonderful drawings!
 Through expressing my drawing through interior feelings with my heart and exterior feelings through my senses I will create a visual experience in a fresh way and I too will help keep traditional drawing and painting alive !  :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Today I Met the professional artists John Perkins ,Werner Filipich , Ramon Ward - Thompson , Ian hansen and James Hough !!!

Today I went to " The Romantics " Art exhibition where these 5 artists exhibited.
I was blown away by the amount of talent these artists contained.
I talked to each and everyone of these artists and they all told me the same important piece of information...
" Go home and paint...! practice ... practice ... practice ... develop your style! 
Get represented by a gallery , choosing the right one is the hard part! "
Very wise information and I'll definately do my research and find the right one for me !
On that note they all gave me very positive feedback about my artworks, which I was very proud of as they are all renouned artists!  :D

Artists James Hough and Ramon Ward - Thompson

It really inspired and broadened my mind to the possibilities one can accomplish with  different mediums after seeing this exhibition.
Take James Hough a Wildlife Artist from Maitland. He uses airbrush and gouashe as his mediums to paint with. He combines the two SO WELL! I just could'nt stop looking at his works! I was just in awe with my jaw open the whole time! lol

Same with John Perkins art , he uses oils in such a superb way. Taking his lessons in july through art scene! So excited about that experience to come!
Ramon Ward Thompson is not only talented but a comedian too! lol
All of his paintings are beautiful but this one painting of his I saw I really wanted to go home with! haha
If you saw the original , you'd be speechless the lightings wonderful!
Check it out.

But honestly ,these 5 artists are AMAZING in their own various styles. All unique and definately worth seeing over the weekend at Hunters Hill Town Hall, Alexander Street Hunters Hill. 25th - 26th 10 - 5 pm.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My inspirational music

Christina Aguilera - Hello

Does it ever feel like
No one is with you
No one sees it your way
Everyone's against you

But it's your life
Gotta keep the faith
Hold your vision
You will find your way, yeah

Ah, yeah, oh yeah

I may not fit the mold
May not do what I'm told
I will not be swayed
By the things that they might say

They may have had their doubts
No matter what I've found
I have held my ground
Look at me, I'm still around

So dream on, dream on, yeah
Don't ever let them steer you wrong
When life comes knocking
Gotta keep on rocking
Open that door and
Shout it to the world, singing

Hello, hello, ha
Here I am, here I go
Yeah, yeah
'Cause I got love to give
And I got dreams to live
So hello, hello
Hello, hello, oh ooh yeah

And if you don't fit in
Just know your differences
Are beautiful to see
Well, they're beautiful to me

There's no one quite like you
Be proud in all you do
You know you'll find a way
Be who you are, don't be ashamed now

Shine baby, shine, yeah
'Cause it's all in your mind
The life you crave
The love you make, said
It's all up to you and
You just gotta say

Hello, hello
Here I am, and here I go
Yeah, yeah
I got love to give
And I got dreams to live
So hello, hello
Hello, hello

So don't you ever let it pass you by
It's your life
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You gotta dream, you know you gotta try
It's your time to shine, oh yeah
Said, shout it to the world, sing

Hello, hello, woo
Here I am, here I go
Yeah, yeah
I got love to give
And I got dreams to live
So hello, hello

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Hello, hello, ooh yeah
Hello, hello, oh ooh, yeah
Hello, hello
Hello, hello, yeah
Hello, hello, I said yeah, yeah
Said it goes on and on, yeah yeah
Hello, hello
Hello, hello, ooh
Ooh yeah

See you later
This song always gets me motivated!
Motivated to inspire, visualize and create!
Accomplish all the goals I want in my life.
I'm at the stage in my life where I KNOW I can, and I KNOW I'll do big things in my life.
A little bit of patience and being humble about everything I do goes a long way. 

Hope this song helps you the way it has for me over the years :)

A poem I wanted to share with you

                        Only a Passing Cloud

 When darkness hides from the sun from view,
     - and shadows move across the blue ,
       - never let it worry you .
       It is only a passing cloud
        Don't let people spoil your day ,
      by what they do and what they say.
             It doesn't matter anyway.
       They are only passing clouds.
      And if a big blow should descend.
          Do not think it is the end.
    You'll see when you're around the bend .
      - It was only a passing cloud.

LOVE this poem. It's short and sweet but clever .
 I apply this poem  to my life whenever I come across a situation ,where life gets tough and  have to man up and be strong about it and deal with the situation.
 I keep telling myself, 
"They are only passing clouds! ....They are only passing clouds!... "
 Works a trick ! Keeps me thinking positive, rather than dwelling on the situation.
There is always going to be circumstances where somebody out there  will try and put you down. But you have to remember to keep positive, as anyone is highly capable of achieving and fullfilling their dreams.
So let this poem help , achieve your goals and stay on the right path to success !
Remember STAY POSITIVE! and tell that cloud to buggar off!
Because the world is yours.


Where does success come from ?

Real success comes from having a strong mindset, being determined, having courage to do the things that put you out of your comfort zone, having the heart to do it EVERYDAY – even on the days when things seem really shitty!
I apply this to my life and art every single day, you can make that change too, It's never too late to take that first step to achieve ALL your specific goals ! :D


Cherie Vize - Artist's Biography

VIZEARTS - Original Art that dives into the imagination

Wildlife , Pet portraits , Landscapes , Fan Art ,Tattoo designs, Pastels and oils. Commissions Taken.



From a young age Cherie realized she had an artistic gift . Her natural talent was recognized at school where she was awarded with a number of artistic awards.

Her inspiration for her paintings derives from being surrounded by nature and animals all her life .

From being brought up helping run her parents petshop , breeding koi with her father, to living right next to a reserve , her love for all animals big and small has flourished over the years.

Having developed her own style through hours of study of techniques at Julian Ashton , The Royal Art Society and Peter Wale’s Fur and Feather class , Cherie has continually worked to improve her art.

“ Drawing is the key to better painting. “ Cherie says . “
“ Once you learn how to use the medium properly , you develop a better respect for it. Instead of making trench holes in your sketch book , you can take the knowledge you learnt and apply it , your subject matter will teach your what to do , to the point you become one with it spiritually, and use it in amazing ways . “

Contact :
Cherie Vize
Sydney , Australia


The reason there is no purchasing order form for paintings/ drawings ,
is so you as the customer can have a personal contact with Cherie,
simply through email , she will happily provide you with the price in
your currency and also arrange shipping anywhere for you .


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