Friday, September 24, 2010

Today I Met the professional artists John Perkins ,Werner Filipich , Ramon Ward - Thompson , Ian hansen and James Hough !!!

Today I went to " The Romantics " Art exhibition where these 5 artists exhibited.
I was blown away by the amount of talent these artists contained.
I talked to each and everyone of these artists and they all told me the same important piece of information...
" Go home and paint...! practice ... practice ... practice ... develop your style! 
Get represented by a gallery , choosing the right one is the hard part! "
Very wise information and I'll definately do my research and find the right one for me !
On that note they all gave me very positive feedback about my artworks, which I was very proud of as they are all renouned artists!  :D

Artists James Hough and Ramon Ward - Thompson

It really inspired and broadened my mind to the possibilities one can accomplish with  different mediums after seeing this exhibition.
Take James Hough a Wildlife Artist from Maitland. He uses airbrush and gouashe as his mediums to paint with. He combines the two SO WELL! I just could'nt stop looking at his works! I was just in awe with my jaw open the whole time! lol

Same with John Perkins art , he uses oils in such a superb way. Taking his lessons in july through art scene! So excited about that experience to come!
Ramon Ward Thompson is not only talented but a comedian too! lol
All of his paintings are beautiful but this one painting of his I saw I really wanted to go home with! haha
If you saw the original , you'd be speechless the lightings wonderful!
Check it out.

But honestly ,these 5 artists are AMAZING in their own various styles. All unique and definately worth seeing over the weekend at Hunters Hill Town Hall, Alexander Street Hunters Hill. 25th - 26th 10 - 5 pm.

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