Thursday, September 23, 2010

A poem I wanted to share with you

                        Only a Passing Cloud

 When darkness hides from the sun from view,
     - and shadows move across the blue ,
       - never let it worry you .
       It is only a passing cloud
        Don't let people spoil your day ,
      by what they do and what they say.
             It doesn't matter anyway.
       They are only passing clouds.
      And if a big blow should descend.
          Do not think it is the end.
    You'll see when you're around the bend .
      - It was only a passing cloud.

LOVE this poem. It's short and sweet but clever .
 I apply this poem  to my life whenever I come across a situation ,where life gets tough and  have to man up and be strong about it and deal with the situation.
 I keep telling myself, 
"They are only passing clouds! ....They are only passing clouds!... "
 Works a trick ! Keeps me thinking positive, rather than dwelling on the situation.
There is always going to be circumstances where somebody out there  will try and put you down. But you have to remember to keep positive, as anyone is highly capable of achieving and fullfilling their dreams.
So let this poem help , achieve your goals and stay on the right path to success !
Remember STAY POSITIVE! and tell that cloud to buggar off!
Because the world is yours.


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