Saturday, September 25, 2010

Applying for my bachelor in fine arts at the National Art School !

I went to the open day at the National Art School.
The day was filled with young artists, eager to apply for uni to learn the methods of the old masters to then interprete in their own unique style .

Three guest speakers were renouned artists Eileen Adams ,UK Artist Margret White , UK Artist Colin Leeds and the Professor Anita Taylor the Director of the National Art School.
Anita Taylor  gave a talk on welcoming the new incoming students, whilst the other artists talked about the "THE BIG DRAW AUSTRALIA 2010 LAUNCH " which emphasised the importance of drawing ,as Eileen Adam says It doesn't matter if you don't have an artistic bone in your body, it's all about giving it a crack and whipping out the old lead pencil.

UK Artist Colin Leeds giving his talk."THE BIG DRAW AUSTRALIA 2010 LAUNCH."

Margret White giving her talk on "THE BIG DRAW AUSTRALIA 2010 LAUNCH ."

Eileen Adams giving her talk on "THE BIG DRAW AUSTRALIA 2010 LAUNCH."

Those around were hanging on every word preached. The talk was ever so inspiring! I felt like going home and drawing up a storm ! lol
 I was just so happy to have the opportunity to hear them speak and share their views on art.
It really made me think about my art and how drawing has such a huge effect on the outcome of every painting. I'm going to draw more! I do alot now but I've been  focusing on experiementing with different mediums. Going to fill my sketch book up with wonderful drawings!
 Through expressing my drawing through interior feelings with my heart and exterior feelings through my senses I will create a visual experience in a fresh way and I too will help keep traditional drawing and painting alive !  :D

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