Sunday, September 26, 2010

Success is the burning desire to suceed , listen to this song and let it make you aware to open your eyes and see what is going on in the world and to the possibilities you as an indivual can achieve!

Young Scolla -  Decisions

The song is about the day to day struggles of the average person  and the decisions one makes.
 Example :- Even if you have a degree what’s my next step  after I graduate? Where does my next pay cheque come from? I listen to this to remind myself of how hard life is , how I appreciate my life and how easy I have it in comparison to other people in the world. 

We are  faced with many decisions in life that we have to overcome and tackle.
We all have our highs and lows. But the fact is , there are easier ways to handle the situation.
You the individual has to take the problem, whatever it may be in both hands and solve it .

 But the first thing is to STAY POSITIVE !
 Being obesessed with the end goal is your key to success .
You have to keep the feeling of  burning desire to succeed. It is the commitment to keep at it no matter what any persons and doubters say.
Fight for what you believe inn, don't let ANYONE  bring you down.
They are just a passing cloud , having their opionion , as our elders say " Sticks and stones can break my bones.. but words can never hurt me. "
Have the heart, determation, and the courage to do whatever it takes, and the level of obsession and commitment to make it happen at any cost.

The marketing systems, strategies, and tactics are all important towards your success! The marketing material you have is like a hammer, screwdriver, or pair of pliers. Having the tool alone in your tool chest will not build the house by itself!
But put that tool in the hands of a skilled carpenter who has the drive, determination, and burning desire to construct and build the best damn house on the block and he’s unstoppable.
 For me, this level of success has been my dominating obsession. It's my driving passion. It’s my “reason why.”

What about you? What's your passion?
What do you have a burning desire to achieve?
If you don't know what your burning desire is. If you can’t identify your passion, your big reason why then you’re never really going to achieve REAL success.
A general goal is not good enough. You've got to be specific – laser like focused – IF you want to be in the top 2% of your industry.
Otherwise you're just another business trying to makes ends meet.

Networking : - Choose your audience wisely , pick people to network with that will  guide you and educate you,  who will direct you on the right path to success .
Surround yourself with positive people , keep the rest as aquaintances.
These are all key elements to staying focused ! Furthur more achieving all the end goals you want to achieve.

Sites like facebook , twitter ,  a site to link you with other business's and all the blogging sites like word press all help advertise you ! Do yourself a favour and join them. It'll pay off , helping people easily find you and see what services you provide!

 Try it now take all what I have told you and apply it to your life, make it a lifestyle.
I can assure you all of this information will pay off and benifit you at the end of the day!
I have , and look at me now I'm unstoppable! :D

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