Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Day volunteering at CHALK URBAN FESTIVAL !

About 2 weeks ago, I signed up to volunteer for the Chalk Urban Festival.
The event  is a 4 day competition composed of 36 artists , that all use chalk to express their unique styles.
These artists will all be competing for the title of Champion Pavement Artist this year.
The theme is the "blues" so if you are interested in competing for the mini art comp on saturday keep that idea in mind that you have to relate it to anything to do with the blues.
All winners will have their art piece exhibited in Church Street Mall , shown for the Mental Health.
A  mini-Chalk comp for the public, take part in art activities for the kids, a fantastic ‘Meet The Artists’ is on tomorrow 7 pm - 10:30 pm where you get the chance to talk to the artists and find out abit about them.

 I arrived there by taxi , all I can say is WOW.
It was brilliant seeing how artists all had different ways of using chalk on unstretched canvas.
Some used water with chalk to get their base coats for the wishy washy effect  or to style lighter areas in the way they needed , others just used soft pastels and smudged where they kept reapplying the chalk for more depth.
Others artists used pastel primer ,art spectrum brand  to first  get a solid color for their basecoat then used bamboo with a piece of charcoal attached to the end to draw as all scenic painters do for bigger pieces , to help mark out their negative spaces and some just used brushes to blend well.

Here are pictures of  the beginnings of all these talented artists artwork:


Bernardo von Hessberg, Italy

The guest artist is Bernardo von Hessberg from Italy

Bernardo von Hessberg from Torino, Italy is our guest artist in 2010. Bernardo's passion is reproducing Renaissance & Impressionist paintings.
You may recognise Bernardo from countless street performances throughout Europe and Australia. He specialises in reproductions of artworks by the Old Masters in different media such as pastel, acrylic and oil on different surfaces.
Bernardo comes from Europe having just completed a series of reproductions of Michelangelo's works for a new museum at the 'Castle of Leubnitz' near Zwickau in East Germany.
At Chalk Urban Art Festival this year, Bernardo will be working on a reproduction of Guido Reni artwork 'Aurora'.
I watched him use pastels pencils today, on pastel paper while he was reproducing "Aurora", he taught me so much ! So inspiring to watch him , so many of the public came up to him asking if he sold his paintings.
He said " Of course .. I have to make a living somehow .." lol
His prices ranged from smaller ones for $1,000 to $10,000 for 5 metre paintings ,where all people asking  were willing to pay no hesitation whatsoever ! It was just so inspiring!
 It just goes to show when you've worked hard to develop your skill and people see you have this gift to share with the world, they will pay to have it at any cost!
So fellow artists reading this ....PRACTICE ! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! And you too will get ALOT of people crowding around your art , good feedback and customers!

Voting is on this sunday , so come along and  vote for your favourite artist, come to me and get a voting slip!
I'm definately going every year from now on and competing in the competition, so keep your eyes peeled!
Chalk Urban festival is a must see!
The styles are just so diverse , not one artist has the same style !  
It just opens your imagination to the creativeness and potential all these artists withhold with just a stick of chalk!

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