Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learnt ALOT about Body Painting today and marketing your product !

I met the very talented Becstar Anthony today who is a professional Body Art painter.
She taught me about what non toxic paints to buy,  what brushes and sponges to use.
If you are interested in seeing some of her art check out her website

The brand Tag  is very cheap and good quality and once you get more experienced you can then buy Paradise which is a more expensive and higher quality.
It was really interesting hearing about the process of Body Painting.
You first use a white eyeliner pencil to draw out your outline, then do your base colors and work from lights to darks.
Bec is conducting worshops next year called " Becstar 2010 Tour "
I'm definately going to participate in her workshops!

You can buy your body painting products from Amy Grigg her website is
  and other sites include If you want to see more of her art :

I am entering the Australasian Body Painting competition at Double Bay run by Tim Gratton.
Really excited about this! It is a free competition ,where you are given a model to paint in 3 hours.Prizes money trophies product valued at $5000.00.
 It is on Saturday  the 23rd October start 3pm finish at 6pm, judging and model performance.
Remember to vote for me ! CHERIE VIZE
All artists need to cover the whole body with paint or make up is applied (face). 
They judge you on :
How creative has the artist been regarding the interpretation of the theme?

Execution/ outcome
Does the body painting reflect the message the artist verbalized to judge?

Application technique
Judges will assess how the make up, body paint is applied including
  • Technique
  • Colour selection
  • Illusion
For more information  on registering for this competition for the Australasian Body Painting competition at Double Bay ,email Tim Gratton on 

Today I also met a really down to earth real aussie guy  who makes very funny t-shirts and other merchandise which are raised for charities.
 I bought one since it was going towards such a good cause!
So far he's raised 229,000 for the hospitals and other charities!  Very inspiring stuff. 
Great way to market your product, through a charity.
Not only do you do it for a cause, you get your products out there for the public to see.
Remember to put your website on every product you sell! 
Give them your business card and tell your customer about what other promotions you may have going on, keep them interested so they buy more of your products! 
Compliment them , get them in their comfort zone to open up to you and ask about your product.
You will succeed at selling your product well if you apply these simple rules to your business. 

So remember the business name VIZEARTS!
Soon I'll do the same and raise money towards Blindess/Diabetes, as my mother is partially blind and I feel I need to do this to raise awareness of the importance of keeping a healthy and active lifestyle.
Stay  healthy ,active and focused always.... don't let anything get in your way of true happiness!
Look at me, I stick to a routine everyday and I don't break it. 
 I'm constantly networking and learning so much very quickly.
My business VIZEARTS is already BOOMING and I only started less than a month ago advertising my art.

Here's a very blurry picture of me and  t-shirt maker Dirty Pierre wearing his t-shirts saying " WIPE YA EYES PRINCESS... AND HARDEN THE F#CK UP" lol he's too funny made me laugh cracking jokes while we took the photo.

Inspiration for my T-shirt business most definately ! Reminding me to market towards every age group!

If you'd like to see more of his products visit

DEVIANT ART : : type in search
MYSPACE: ART AMERICA : http://www.fineartamerica/vizeartsZHIBIT:

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