Friday, October 8, 2010

2nd day at the chalk festival where I PAINTED LIVE FOR THE PUBLIC!

Day 2, all the chalk artists had progressed to do ALOT of work in a day.
Here are some pictures on their art :

I painted in public for the first time, it truely was exciting!
 Alot of people gathered around and gave me great feedback.
One guy said " Wow.. wow.. wow" over and over again and kept watching me paint I was so happy to get such a compliment.
Others said " I just wanted to tell you I appreciate the talent! "
                  " Your amazing, do you  sell your art , I'd love to buy one! "
                 " That's wonderful! love the colors... "

A man in a wheelchair watched me paint for hours , he looked so at ease smiling at me saying
"Keep going don't let me distract you!"
I replied " Eye eye captain"  lol

A photographer started taking pics of my art , I thought he was part of the filming for the chalk urban fest. But he was a freelance photographer who said he'd take proffessional pics for me of me painting for free cos he just adored my work!
I'll upload the pics of me painting at the chalk fest once I get them off the photographer :D
My career as an artist is BOOMING. I'm really happy with my progress!
This week I got ten customers. All the blogging , twittering , facebooking is paying off!
Believe and you will succeed !

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