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Pen and Wash
Date : 30th of October
Time : 9:30 to 3 pm  
 Medium : Pen and Wash
Location :  At Bathurst at the shop "Pigments & Palette"
Cost : $65
For more information contact Peter Wale on 0432327089 or visit the shop "Pigments & Palette".

Date: 31st of October
Time : 10:30 to 4 pm
Medium:  Graphite or any medium
Location : Springwood Art Centre
Cost : $60 for members $70 for non members
For more information contact Peter Wale on 0432327089 

I  currently go to 4 art schools,  but my very favourite Peter Wale's Class at Wilandra Art Centre in Ryde.
He is the best mentor any art student can ask for.

Peter just knows instantly, what to do to correct your mistakes as he has had years of practice.
He is a very versatile artist.
He can teach you anything, you desire to learn in any medium.

This is a project Peter is currently working on , the drawing on Canson tracing paper and  below is the Underpainting.
The Underpainting below is painted on masonite.

One of his finished paintings he exihibited in The 50th Golden Anniversay of Ryde Art Society.

His knowledge on everything is just amazing!
I personally ask him 50 questions a day or more on what I don't understand and he gives me a very clear demonstration to show how It's done.
During every lesson, I write down every word  he tells me or other students in our class in a note book .
 It really pays off though,  I'm learning so much in such little time.
He is worth investing time into in a class or just a workshop so you can see for yourself how brilliant this man is at art !
I really appreciate meeting him , he has really opened my eyes to the possibilities me as an artist is capable of.
 He made me realise what direction I should  take to persue my dreams.
I wake up everyday thankful for meeting him he is truely inspiring!

Classes commenced today at Ryde at Wilandra Art Centre .
It is on Wednesdays 10:30 - 12:30 ,  If you are interested in joining our class call Peter on 0432327089.

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