Saturday, October 23, 2010

I entered the Australasian Body Art Competition at Double Bay !

My Professional Model Lithium with my Body Art Design for the Australasian Body Painting Competition.

"Envy. Is ignorance, it comsumes itself."
I thought a japanese theme would be a great way to portray this idea.
I used Japanese paintings and sketches of dragons and samarai's to show envy.
The dragon representing the watcher over everything.
The samurai being the defiant person trying to rule upsetting the peace, envious of the dragon.

Tim Gratton - Ficilitator announcing the Awards winners for the Australasian Body Competition.

I entered the Australasian Body Art Competition yesterday at The Food Festival , Double Bay Knox St .
It was my first time using body paints!

When you arrived you could do the makeup and hair on your model and It was timed from when your model came.
We were given 3 hours to paint a Body, in relation to the theme 7 deadly sins.
I got the great opportunity to use
 Tim Gratton's tool box of art supplies!
Including his own body paints brushes, and body glitters.
I'm so thankful he was kind enough to help me out as I only bought a few body paint colors.
I decided I'd use the liquid paints as they act like acrylic paints.
So it was a familiar territory for me.

The secret is to paint it on like a wash , If you are using the liquid body paint.
Otherwise if you put it on thickly it will peel straight away.
Or you can use Hair Spray to keep it fixated to the body.
This way when you paint over it , it will not smudge.

At the end of 3 hours we had pre-selected music to go with the Body Art.
We had a huge audience to model for.
Lithium and I were called up and introduced to the judges individually by Tim Gratton and I got on the microphone and told a little about what my piece was about.
 So my model walked around for the judges with the music " Did my time " by Korn as it worked well with the piece as the song as all about being envious about the other person , basically not being able to handle the situation he was inn.
He did his time and now he wants to be supreme ruler.
The moral of the story is don't be envious about anyone as it doesn't pay off , it consumes itself and
 you will end up doomed like the samurai for being defiant.

So much talent in this competition. I really was impressed.
The way they used the cakes and liquids really was done VERY well.

I just loved every moment of it, seeing how the paints sit on skin I just gave It a go and used my imagination!
It's a very interesting surface to paint on, very different from painting on canvas's... alot harder then it looks.

But with practice I will get use to the medium alot better! :D
Everyone kept telling me I did very well for a beginner :D
I'm going to really love experimenting with this medium!
Definately entering next year! :D

I  met a very talented artist named Tania Wursig.
Tania is a Sydney based artist known for her Flamboyant palette and exploration of the sensual, her paintings are of celebrating the feminine.

This is her stall set up at the Food Festival.
Her art is just amazing , I fell in love with it straight away.
I couldn't stop looking at her art , the use of color, the way she painted it was just wonderful.
It really inspired me , I just wanted to run home and paint after seeing her works!

If you want to see more of her artworks check out her website
You won't be disapointed!
Her work is truely amazing!

Tania owns an Art Gallery in Rozelle called Gallery Aloft.
I asked if she could let me do some volunteer work for her as I study Arts Administration and she told me as she leads a very busy lifestyle it would be perfect for me to come inn and help her out in assisting with work where she would pay me ! :D
At that point , It honestly made my day.
I was just so happy I was speechless.
Everything is happening naturally for me these days , everything I wanted I've been achieving.
 I really couldn't ask for more.
So take this as an example !
Be obesessed with your specific goals.
Focus and  sacrifice time.
It will really pay off! :D

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