Friday, September 9, 2011

Group exhibition I was featured in FUR @ Monstrosity Gallery :D

West ( Gallery Director of Monstrosity Gallery )  & I

My Art work " The encounter with the wise Taoist - to ignore or embrace " - Acrylics & mock fur on canvas.

Me & Andrew Clark who was featured in the show too

Rebecca Murphey, Me & Gerald Leung - two both amazing artist's who were in the group show too !

Fur is a group exhibition showcasing some of Sydney's most dynamic and talented ...contemporary artists. The show opens at Monstrosity Studios on September 7th and continues until September 15th.

Thanks to all of the amazing artists who have come together for this show! The diversity in subject matter and media is quite astounding, as these artists from all over Australia interpret the theme in their own unique ways.

Fur is a theme which is quite dominant in the work of West, which is one reason she has invited other artists to explore its many visual and conceptual possibilities.

Exhibition Dates: September 7-15, 2011. Open 11am-6pm (Closed Monday and Tuesday)

Artists: The Stoked, Todd Fuller, Yulia Pustoshkina, Richard Hedger, Gerald Leung, Kathy Leung, Ally Pinnock, LULU CS, Andros, Jemma White, Eva, Bryony Hudson, Fiona McDonald, William G Saussay, Jason Howe, Nicole Mitchell, Martin Dillon, Coza Thomas, Daniel Keating, Carl Ahearn, Cherie Vize, Darren McIntosh, Tom Christophersen, Jianna Lucia, Michael Hazell, Rebecca Murphy, Clover Love and West.

More about Monstrosity:
More about West:

SPONSORS: Prize for the winner has been donated by the (awesome!)

-Sable and Argent
-The Old Fitzroy Hotel
-Cancer Council
-Ascella Pure Wines

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