Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vizearts - Beginners to Advanced Private Art Tuition in Sydney

Vizearts -  Private Art Tuition for Beginners to Advanced Art Students in Sydney

Kids Art Classes
Student Art Classes
Adult Art Classes

Australian Sydney based Fine Artist Cherie Vize has been teaching Art classes for over 2 years to a variety of ages and levels of beginners to advanced art students from 5 yrs and up.
Giving individual attention to each of her students in a comfortable location, the student can focus & engage in the lesson , whether it be one on one tuition, or to a class of 10.
Art classes are structured specifically to a curriculum, which is followed until finished.

Learn how to draw & paint with Qualified Art Tutor Cherie Vize.
Teaching you in oils,acrylics,watercolor,color pencil,pen & wash , pastels, graphite & mixed media.

Group demonstrations are held regularly at the beginning of class, demonstrating how to use a variety of mediums, to ensure students understand thoroughly what is being instructed.
Excellent results are achieved each and every lesson benifiting the student , bringing out fine results in their work and a broader understanding of each medium.

Classes include Cartooning , Wildlife , Pet portraits, Landscape, Watercolor , Life Drawing/ Life painting , Botanical, Pastel , and Plein-air painting,Portraiture, impressionism, cubism, surrealism, cartooning , illustration art, abstract art in mixed media.

Cost :
Adult Art Classes $30 p/hr
Kids $25 p/hr
Drawing Starter packs are available $25 for a set of pencils, kneadable & vinyl erasers, paper stumps, blender and V.A acid free book.

Website: http://vizearts.weebly.com/
Vizearts Facebook: http://facebook.com/vizearts
Vizearts Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/VizeartsArtclasses?feature=mhee

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