Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vizearts - Beginners to Advanced Art Classes in Wetherill Park Market Town

 My 8 yr old student is finishing her drawing of a hawk :D Can you believe this is only her 3rd drawing with me !!! I'm so happy with her ♥

My 8 yr old's 2nd artwork with me :D

 My 6 yr old art student is starting her new drawing! Her subject is a labrador.

This is her initial drawing of a labrador in basic shapes. ♥

 My student's are adorable! I'm truely feel blessed having such wonderful students ! ♥

My 8 yr old student is so cute! before class she always shows me her artwork she does outside of class from her imagination, what else can an Art Tutor ask for :D ♥

Vizearts - Beginners to Advanced Art Classes for all ages at Wetherill Park Market Town- Kids Art Classes
- Student Art Classes
- Adult Art Classes

Workshops are held every school holidays on origami, how to draw & paint, sculpture, Art & Craft activites call 0411 380 074 for futher enquiries.

Australian Sydney based Fine Artist Cherie Vize has been teaching Art classes for over 2 years to a variety of ages and levels of beginners to advanced art students from 5 yrs and up.
Giving individual attention to each of her students in a comfortable location, the student can focus & engage in the lesson , whether it be one on one tuition, or to a class of 10.
Art classes are structured specifically to a curriculum, which is followed until finished.

Group demonstrations are held regularly at the beginning of class, demonstrating how to use a variety of mediums, to ensure students understand thoroughly what is being instructed.
Excellent results are achieved each and every lesson benifiting the student , bringing out fine results in their work and a broader understanding of each medium.

Classes include Cartooning , Wildlife , Pet portraits, Landscape, Watercolor , Life Drawing/ Life painting , Botanical, Pastel , and Plein-air painting,Portraiture, impressionism, cubism, surrealism, cartooning , illustration art, abstract art in mixed media.

Learn how to draw & paint with Qualified Art Tutor Cherie Vize.
Teaching you in oils,acrylics,watercolor,color pencil,pen & wash , graphite & mixed media.

I teach my Art Classes in here on Monday , Thurs & Saturday and Sunday at 9- 5 pm

Location : 1024 Horsley Drive, Wetherill park, inside the shopping mall infront of Franklins.

Kids: $20 p/hr
Adults: $25 p/hr
To join my Art Class call me on M:0411 380 074

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