Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vizearts- Art Classes for all ages in Sydney from my studio in Dolans Bay. My 70 yr old's art work in art class she is currently working on

My 70 yr old art student has been working her elephant for 3 weeks now and it has really paid off ! She is doing so well I just can't be happier!! <3

Her subject is of two elephants in graphite. She is shading elephant skin for the first time!! exciting !!

Vizearts- Beginners to Advanced Art Classes for all ages from my studio in Dolans Bay, Sydney.
- Kids Art Classes
- Student Art Classes
- Adult Art Classes

Learn how to Draw & Paint from the basics and up with Qualified Art Tutor Cherie Vize.
To join my Art Class email me on or call me on M:0411 380 074
Qualified tutor Cherie Vize provides tuition for primary and high school students and Adults throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. A private tutor can give a student the individual attention that is just not possible in a school setting. One-on-one tuition can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual and is therefore a powerful and efficient way to help a student reach their finest drawing potential.

Australian Sydney based Fine Artist Cherie Vize has been teaching Art classes for over 2 years to a variety of ages and levels of beginners to advanced art students from 5 yrs and up.
Giving individual attention to each of her students in a comfortable location, the student can focus & engage in the lesson , whether it be one on one tuition, or to a class of 10.
Art classes are structured specifically to a curriculum, which is followed until finished.

Art Classes are held on Monday , Thurs & Saturday and Sunday at 9- 5 pm

Teaching you in oils,acrylics,watercolor,color pencil,pen & wash , graphite & mixed media.

Beginners to Advanced,
all welcome !

Classes run from 30 Parthenia St, Dolans Bay every Tues, Friday and Sunday at 12 pm. 

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