Saturday, December 10, 2011

Teaching my newest student how to measure width & length <3

It was her first time drawing with structure. Her subject is a doggie! so so proud of her !

                                            My student's initial drawing <3

         My student is learning all about Drafting - correcting her mistakes.

I also teach my Art Classes from your house $30 p/hr,
 email me if you are interested E: 

Vizearts- Beginners to Advanced Art Classes for all ages from my studio in Dolans Bay, Sydney.

- Kids Art Classes
- Student Art Classes
- Adult Art Classes
Children/Students : $20 p/hr
Adults :$25 p/hr

Learn how to Draw & Paint from the basics and up with Qualified Art Tutor Cherie Vize. To join my Art Class email me on or call me on M:0411 380 074   Qualified tutor Cherie Vize provides tuition for primary and high school students and Adults throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. A private tutor can give a student the individual attention that is just not possible in a school setting. One-on-one tuition can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual and is therefore a powerful and efficient way to help a student reach their finest drawing potential.

Australian Sydney based Fine Artist Cherie Vize has been teaching Art classes for over 2 years to a variety of ages and levels of beginners to advanced art students from 5 yrs and up.
Giving individual attention to each of her students in a comfortable location, the student can focus & engage in the lesson , whether it be one on one tuition, or to a class of 10.
Art classes are structured specifically to a curriculum, which is followed until finished.

Art Classes are held on Monday , Thurs & Saturday and Sunday at 9- 5 pm

Teaching you in oils,acrylics,watercolor,c olor pencil,pen & wash , graphite & mixed media.

Beginners to Advanced,
all welcome !

Classes run from 30 Parthenia St, Dolans Bay every Tues, Friday and Sunday at 12 pm. 


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